Drone + Creativity = Radical Innovation

February 06, 2017 3 Comments

Drones are fast becoming the innovators dream. When someone with a specific passion meets drones they often come up with unique ideas for the use of them. They see problems in their life, or specific field of work, and will find a way to make a drone make it easier or more efficient.  One of the most interesting we have seen and DJI followed up on, is the Snotbot, a DJI Inspire drone used by a researcher who wanted to capture spray from whales in the wild, literally catch its snot.

Having the idea is one thing, executing it effectively, is another. You have to find the right drone for the job, figure out the costs involved and determine whether it actually has a market. If the returns on the investment outweighs the cost of implementation then you may be on to something. Of course, you can use it just for you and have a little fun with it and life will be a heck of a lot simpler.

Drone aficionado and v logger Casey Neistat took the time, with a few friends, to modify a drone such that it could handle his body weight and carry him around. Regulations might put a hold on taking this idea too far but it is kind of neat to see the creativity at work.

 And yet more ideas! Though obviously some are due to the wonders of special effects.

So, just because you don't see anyone using drones in your line of work does not mean there is no place for them. You could be that person who comes up with an idea that makes an industry work more efficiently. Or you may just end up having a little more fun and ease in your life.



What is the most innovative use of a drone you have seen?

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3 Responses


February 28, 2017

Love the ability to show my city from the air.


nabil sorial
nabil sorial

February 28, 2017

Being able to use my drone to make creative videos as well as use them to take pictures for the real estate industry is to me the most innovative way of using a drone. Aerial videos and photographs are spectacular and a way of enticing people to click on your image or video content. They make for a mouth watering eye pleasing experience that many find extremely appealing. I love my DJI drone!!

Charlie Meloche
Charlie Meloche

February 24, 2017

Best idea I have heard of thus far, was that of BC Ambulance service looking into drone use to get emergency equipment like defibrillators to an accident scene quicker than an ambulance. No quicker path than as the crow flies!


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